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Did you lose a friend or family member in Jonestown? Do you know someone who did? If so, they will want to know about this book

Who Died...a memorial album

Full Title: Who Died on November 18, 1978 in the Jonestown, Guyana mass murder-suicides

Author: Kathryn Barbour  |  First Edition  |  Published January 2015 by Katbard Publishing

Long overdue and long-awaited, just because it needed to be done -- 

a book remembering them, each and every one, as they would have wanted to be remembered, as they were when I last saw them.  This book is dedicated to those who died, and to those still alive who knew and loved them. 

Who Died consists mainly of 78 color pages with portraits from the California Historical Society's Peoples Temple Collection and images contributed by surviving family members. The portraits are preceded by acknowledgments and a foreword by the author, and followed by a citation index and cross-reference to name variations, to assist those looking for a particular name.