Remembering All Those Who Died 


The author’s efforts to shift the focus of yearly memorials away from Jim Jones to the many members of Peoples Temple who died in Jonestown, most recently with the publication of the Who Died book, began in 2009 with the display of all of their names. This was followed in 2010 by her production of ten laminated scrolls (“the Mats”) bearing their photographs. These are displayed each year at the mass grave at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland. 

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In 2011, four granite plaques containing all the names (the “Memorial Plaques”) were commissioned by a group of survivors and relatives, headed by Jim Jones, Jr., the adopted son of Jim Jones. The plaques were installed at Evergreen Cemetery in a ceremony on Memorial Day. ​

Kathryn Barbour, known as Kathy Tropp during her 8 years in the Peoples Temple, never went to Jonestown. 
She was living in the San Francisco Temple on November 18, 1978. She lives in San Francisco. Calif.

Before the dedication, Jimmy Jr. asked the author to produce a cross-reference index of name variations to be kept at the cemetery office, to aid visitors seeking a particular individual by name. The Who Died book also contains this index. 

Like the Memorial Plaques, the Who Died book includes Congressman Leo Ryan and members of the news media accompanying him who were killed in Guyana. Like the Plaques, the book includes Jim Jones.

the Who Died book

Some responses to the book

“I can’t thank you enough for doing this for our lost but never forgotten loved ones.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much…words cannot express my gratitude.”

“I received my copy of the book and I am so overwhelmed…
I must have cried for I don’t know how long. 
It is beautiful, you have done a beautiful job!!!”

“There are no words to say how much appreciated and comforting this memorial album is to many who have lost family and friends; it is a way of letting a generation who never met the loved ones we lost know them.”

“Thank you for all your effort in bringing this book out. It needed to be done…”